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The Dean's View

Man cannot discover new oceans,

unless he has the courage

to lose sight of the shore

                                     - Andre Gide

Mrs. Santhamma Gopalkrishna
Dean, National Public Schools

People are constantly trying to find out what makes one successful?

The single most powerful way to succeed is to show concern for our fellow human beings and attach significant personal value to each.

Today, in a world where the society is increasingly fragmental and polarized, our school remains a community where honesty and integrity matter and perseverance as well as hard work is given equal importance. The combination of positive thinking and self-reflection coupled with the above mentioned values is, as we believe, a sure way to become a successful human being.

We at NPS, are a community of individuals with high expectations, both in academics and other related activities. At the same time, we are devoted to helping students develop intellectual, artistic and individual interests contributing to their holistic growth, thereby making the process of education as important as its eventual outcome.

Word from the Chairman

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