Registration Form for Mont-I Registration Form for KG, Classes 3 to 11

Vision and Mission


As a young school of three years, by 2020, we look forward to develop/provide a stimulating and eco-friendly learning environment to enhance each child's self-confidence and self-esteem to become an active and conscious global citizen.


Reach Out, Reach High, Reach Beyond


  • To provide a strong, academic focus and foundation that will enable students to face challenges posed by any academic programme of higher learning.
  • To impact superior instruction that meets the highest standards in various disciplines both at home and overseas.
  • To provide a wide array of opportunities for the development of multidimensional personality of each and every student, irrespective of gender, capabilities or economic background.
  • To gear the school's curriculum and instructional methods, keep pace with advances in the scientific and technological world and the ever-changing societal demand.
  • To provide students of intellectual diversity and varied cultural backgrounds, a warm and supportive environment to pursue academics with a sense of direction and purpose and to discover their hidden talents.
  • To nurture and foster an ethos of work culture that includes diligence, self- discipline and accountability.
  • To create in students an awareness of the present in order to promote an interest in various fields and developments anywhere in the world.
  • To provide infrastructure, organisational support and hitherto unknown opportunities to all students to actualize their potential to the utmost.
  • To foster in students civic sense and a spirit of responsibility to the local and the global community.
  • To forge a symbolic partnership between the parents and the school community to strengthen the foundations required for the students' success and progress.